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The Last Song – Yxengaard

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25. maj 2022 – 29. maj 2022 heldags
Rævskærvej 185
9850 Hirtshals
The Last Song - Yxengaard @ Yxengaard | Hirtshals | Danmark

“King Harald ordered this monument made in memory of Gormr, his father, and in memory of Thyrvé, his mother; that Harald who won for himself all of Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian.” The Grand Jellinge Stone, 965.

The Last Song is a historical fiction set near the end of the Viking Age. In this live action role-play (larp) experience the participants will play the characters of Norse people gathering during a time of cultural crisis. The world of the Norse peoples is coming to an end. A pivotal decision must be made; will you cast away the Æsir, or will you go against the king who kept you safe – Join us and become part of Norse society in this time of peril.

The larp will take place in Yxengaard, Hirtshals, Denmark on the 26th to the 30th of May 2021.

Learn more: www.thelastsong.dk
The sign-up is currently full, but you can join the waiting list on the website.

The larp is produced by Avalon Larp Studio in association with Yxenborg and three independent larp creatives.

Avalon Larp Studio makes inclusive events. Our larps are not spaces for hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any other behaviour that expresses prejudice or discrimination. Hate speech, discriminatory language, slurs, and deliberate off-game bullying, both before and during the event, will be considered a breach of our code of conduct and will be dealt with immediately. We understand that some organisations and individuals would like to co-opt Norse culture for their own Nazi aims; we reject their ideals and motivations and strongly suggest that they back the fuck off.
Read more about our Code of Conduct here: https://www.avalonlarp.studio/safety
Original Photo by Rekografia