The Battle of Borre 2021

1. juli 2021 – 4. juli 2021 heldags
Midgard vikingsenter
Birkelyveien 9
3184 Borre
The Battle of Borre 2021 @ Midgard vikingsenter | Vestfold og Telemark | Norge

Note: This event is for fighters only

Once again, Borrefylkingen in coorporation with Midgard Viking Centre, is inviting you to participate in the Battle of Borre as part of Midgard Viking Festival 2021.

The festival is a 3 day event, from friday 2nd untill sunday 4th of july. But, we will encourage as many as possible to join us earlier, as it will be organised trainings during the week.

The battles will be fought in Norwegian western style (BoB17), with clean fighting.
Hitsones for all weapons will be thighs, torso and upper arms for stabbing and cutting hits. any hits not made with the edge/point of the weapon is not counted.

More information about how to apply, and more details about the event will be announced later.